The contents of this website are the opinions of Megan Costello, Esq.  a solo attorney who is the founder of technoLAWgical:  a law practice based in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


The  only purpose of this website is to generally discuss the legal services that Megan Costello, Esq. provides.  


By using and visiting this website you understand and agree that:


  • Nothing on this website is intended to be legal advice nor does it guarantee an outcome of a particular result.

  • Megan Costello, Esq. claims no responsibility for how you interpret and use the informaiton on this website. The information on this website should never be interpreted as legal informaiton, and should never be used as a replacement for an attorney.

  • No attorney-client relationship is formed between you and Megan Costello, Esq. by visiting, using, implementing, or reading this website in any way. 

  • If you contact technoLAWgical, whether by e-mail or otherwise, no communications will be treated as confidential unless or until an attorney-client relationship is actually formed.


Everyone has different legal issues, and every state has very specific rules and regulations that correspond with them. If you have any legal questions, no matter how minor they happen to be, you should always consult an attorney in your state and jurisdiction for help. 

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